A Get A Goan!

The previous week some of the crew went to Hampi to check out the temples and hordes of Israeli. The rest of us just kept the lights down low in Agonda. After eating everything they have to offer here (including greek souvlakis) we have to get a goan and move north. On the way to Delhi and Amritsar we'll pass Mumbai and try to stop for a couple of days in tourist infested Agra where Taj Mahal is located. The trip to Amritsar on the Indian-Pakistan border will probably take about two weeks so just wish us luck in the North Indian traffic.

For most of the crew keeping the body cool in the Arabic Ocean and drinking Kingfisher will be replaced by black hijabs and strong Iranian Tea with lots of sugar. That goes for most of the crew, but for the coalition of interests called "Singelklubben" a visit to Goa isn't complete without a real party including dancing on the beach, hard hard Goa trance and hooking up with some real old timer hippies. At the moment singelklubben consists of myself (oyvind) and BK and we're leaving the bus heading 50 km north to where the party scene is most crazy and crowded with nude Australian girls dancing on the beach... At least that's what they're saying. After the weekend when the Goan gets rough we'll try to catch up with the bus on its way to Delhi. So wish us luck and hope that we don't join the long-stayers up there. I have been thinking of joining a sitar school that lasts minimum 7 years, but we'll see.

So long.