Beijing Rock City

Beijing has been a blast for those of us who decided to come here. Yesterday went out for a night of sushi and karaoke extravaganza together with our new (or old) found friends in Beijing. Great success, as Borat would have put it. Beijing has been about art, the great wall, politics, food (as usual), police, cycling, senior nights, punk rock, ping pong, morning gymnastics, American pub quizes and hamburgers, taxis, traffic, noice and great fun.

Thank you so much:

Julia and Jonas

For great hospitality and a warm welcome.

Tomorrow some of us are flying to Kashgar, with the rest following on Sunday morning. Guro and Morten have been to Tibet, and will arrive in Kashgar Sunday. From there we go on to Karakoram and Pakistan, ins` Allah.

Photo by Ingrid Koslung