Astana - under construction

We had a somewhat rough transport to from Kostanaj to here. About 200 km north af Astana we became involved in a traffic accident. A man was hit by a speeding car, and rolled under the bus. We had to pull him out and someone brought him to hospital. He lost a leg, but is otherwise ok. We had a long night together with the police. Guro, who drove the bus at the time of the accident got status as witness. We had a long and exhausting night, but everybody is ok now, and we are happy that the man survived.

We have been in Astana for two days, and had some time to be tourists. Astana is a huge construction site where scyscrapers and official buildings are shooting up everywhere. They are building a new administration centre that is planned to be opened in 2030. Some buildings are already finished, among them an arch de triumphe that looks like a newer version of Brandenburger Tor, the President Palace (not very different from the white house in Washington), and a 105 m tall tower with a golden apple. Inside the apple you can place your hand in a golden handprint of president Nazarbayev himself. Together with a 360 degree panorama of the city and the surrounding steppes - Its nice!

Last night we celebrated Martin's birthday at a Jamaican restaurant together with Martins cousin Simone and her boyfriend Alex. Good food, no reggae.

Today we wil hit the road again, heading south towards Almaty.