The Day I Made It to the News

It was quite a normal day in Kerala, except, maybe it was new years eve and I had dressed up in my new 120 rupee-dress (meaning something like 15-20 kr) bought in the big city near by, instead of walking around in my normal rags. Today was also the day of the elephant parade down at Cherai beach and we were all going there to watch.

As we were waiting for the elephants to arrive, we had a cup of coffee (meaning chicory-powder coffee with alot of milk and sugar; I don't know if it actually goes under the term "coffee", but it is nice anyway), which I didn't finish straight away. Being very into my camera, deleting pictures, I looked up only to realise I was being photographed with two big-shot cameraes.

The next day our caretaker Albert, came by and said that I was now famous "all over India," showing me the newspaper. I had made it to the front page with a small text saying something about tourists, Cherai beach and elephants ( if you can read Malayam, you are more than welcome to translate!).

As I am writing this, just an hour with ferry across the sea to Mumbai, I guess my destiny is sealed; Bollywood next.