19.08.07.Chupa- an ugly town turns beautiful over night.

A long drive today- more than 500 kilometres on, at times, very bad roads. Sometimes the speedometer shows no more than 30 km per hour for long streches of road. There seems to be loads of roadworks going on, but the workers themselves are scarse, and there doesn`t seem to be much progress. The drivers are struggling with holes and bumps in the asphalt.
We decide to leave the main road and go on to Chupa, a small town by the White Sea, to find somewhere to camp for the night. The houses are mostly wooden, though a few huge appartment buildings dot the horizon. The town looks run-down and more or less dead. There are almost no lights to be seen.
By a football pitch, some kids are playing ball. Martin and Ingrid go and attempt talking to them about possible campsites. They achieve a certain degree of communication with three girls of 12 and 14 who can hardly stop giggling. After some stuttering and stammering in English and Russian (and a bit of spanish to round it off), they show us a beautiful spot down by the shore, on the outskirts of town.
It`s raining, so we get a chance to try out our shelter construction skills for the first time. It works surprisingly well, and we make dinner using the last Norwegian sausages we have.
Anders 8translation- Ingrid)