Enter Russia

After five hours at the Russian border, we got in, five minutes past closing time, which is 11 pm Moscow time. It was five long hours with waiting and more waiting, njet, njet, maybe and finally "ok and good luck" from the border guards. Our first meeting whith the Russian bureaucracy, probably not the last.
After turning the wrong way in a road crossing, we spent several hours on a bumpy and sandy road with with huge holes. We asked ourselves if the roads really are that bad in this country, and India seemed very far away. we reached Murmansk at 7 in the morning, after a six hour ride that should have taken 2 hours. We had breakfast and went to bed.
One could say we got Russia right in the face. But now we are in Murmansk, after a good days' sleep, we will have a stroll in the city and continue southwards tomorrow.