Heading North

After a month on Cherai beach we dig Attila out of the sand, say goodbye to our allies and head northwards. (Ten minutes later we get ourselves stuck in the sand again, in an attempt to make a quick turn, thus gaining two more hours of digging.)
We will follow the coastal road # 17 up to Rajastan, making the necessary stops on the way to swim, arrange visas and se what must be seen.

Leaving home: Gathered around Attila the bus with Albert - the host, Lily - the housekeeper, our neighbors, the kiosk family, Hilde, Torstein and, notice to the left, the newest member of our crew - Lotte from the Netherlands.

Martin and Cecilie are somewhere in Kerala with Kirsten, Cecilies mother. Morten is somewhere in southern India. Soon he'll go to Bangalore to pick up Guro Anna and Knut, his father.

Photo by BK Undem